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TONGUAN GROUP—— A Professional Equipment and Service Solutions Provider.

HENAN TONGUAN GROUP is a comprehensive investment and management business conglomerate. With operating large-scale construction machinery and landscape project as its main businesses, TONGUAN GROUP’s business also combines strategic investment with management. The company was founded in the 1990s, and the amount of employees of TONGUAN GROUP now has reached over 1100.


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Accessories Supply

Subsidiary companies of Tonguan Group provides original parts supply of each agent brand. Every original part is designed and developed with equipment to ensure the operation of the equipment goes well and prolong the service life of the equipment. In addition to having sufficient stock in company headquarters, all offices provide daily maintenance parts service, which ensures the timely and efficient supply of parts.

Service Project

Original Part
Pure Lubricant
Original filter
Engine Overhaul package
Customer support agreements

Parts Warehouse

Sufficient maintenance accessories in warehouse
Efficient information management system
Ensure the accessories get to destination in time
Providing high-quality services for customer
Providing guarantee for the normal operation of machinery

Parts Services Hot-line

Henan Tonguan Heavy Industry:0371-60250280
Henan Wotong :0371-64626000
Heman Tonguan Machinery Rental:4009981116
Xian Tonguan:029-84360204
Lanzhou Tonguan:0931-7328111